030 - Jerry Maguire

March 20, 2017
After last episodes ill-fated (for some) leap into the modern and cheesy, we take a couple steps backward to return to the iconic, the still cheesy, the memorable – Jerry Maguire. Somehow neither of us had seen this lovely Tom Cruise flick – but by the end of the episode it wasn’t all that surprising since apparently Brandon hasn’t seen any Tom Cruise films...not even Mission Impossible...
If you were there then you’ll already know this, but we hosted our first live event! We streamed our chat on Instagram live for the first time (@canningbrandon & @wooboypersaud) which is a benchmark for this podcast, and we enjoyed it so much, we might just do it again so STAY TUNED on INSTAGRAM!
Did you know dogs and bees can smell fear? That bass fishing is actually the most dangerous game?
- Minor Spoilers -
Alien Covenant
Harry Potter
Star Wars
Vanilla Sky
And if you’d like to see Tom Cruise and Nick Jonas’ third tooth:
Nick Jonas
Tom Cruise

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